Dheeraj Izarra Khar – the way to elegant homes that is certainly the choice of those with classic tastes


A name that whispers exquisiteness in the very way it sounds, Izarra lives up to its name in ways you can imagine and beyond. It means 'star' in Spanish, and a star it is in the form, design and luxury it brings into the personal space called home. Izarra is located in the enviable residential suburbs of Bandra - Khar, Mumbai, and fits into the environment of sophistication and exclusivity with a charm that is particularly its own. Like its namesake, it leads the way - the way to elegant homes that is certainly the choice of those with classic tastes.

Day Rooms
Perfect for daydreams

Izarra is made for dreams, specially those that are meant to come true but rarely do. That is why, each of its facets look like they have just come out of your picture of a perfect home. Beginning from the fact that there are only 2 flats - 3BHKs - per floor and only a cluster of 20 flats that offer greater privacy and space.

Sleep Space
Made to reflect star-spangles

Imagine a soothing sensation of floating in personal space with nothing to break the tranquility. Believe in the aura of happiness that floods every room. Be charmed by infinite luxurious details. Own a space that is artistically created to give an impression of expanse, and yet is filled with warmth that is very humane.

Anchored Aqua
Always alive is the way to be

Izarra is not just creatively built to please the soul, but also to satisfy exclusive lifestyle needs. For instance, the inviting aquamarine waters of the pool are ever-tempting and ask you to leave the stress of life behind and indulge in a refreshing bit of unwinding any time of the day.

Evergreen Expanse
Designed for extravagant elegance

The landscaped gardens and the children's park at Izarra are not just artistry made to create an impression of enchanting beauty. They are green-environment tools made to complement a lifestyle that is luxurious but also health-conscious.

Health Hall
Built to harvest happiness

The within-premises gymnasium is fully fitted with all the modern sports equipment required to keep up a regular health regime. This, in association with a stress-free environment within the complex, ensures that the stress of the outside world remains where it should be: outside.

Podium Plan
Combination Plan
Typical Plan 1st to 10th Floor